Thursday, April 16, 2009

Welcome to A2Z's New Blog!

Today, A2Z is entering the world of blogging, and we're very excited about it! We all are looking forward to posting our thoughts, ideas, frustrations and stories from the trenches of working in the special education law field. A2Z Educational Advocates is a team of attorneys and advocates in southern California, and we represent parents of students with disabilities who need assistance obtaining appropriate placements, services and supports under the I.D.E.I.A. and related laws. We'll be blogging about our experiences and sharing thoughts and ideas with all of you out there who are interested enough to follow us!

What this blog is: This blog is intended as a place for us to share general information about special education laws, both the federal law and California specific. We'll be posting information that we hope is useful to special education advocates and parents. We hope to also post the occasional heartwarming or even amusing story, in order to share our postive experiences and encourage others out there involved in this field.

What this blog isn't: This blog is not intended as, and should not be taken as, legal advice. If you need advice in this area, you should know that in special education cases, each situation is extremely fact specific, and while you can research your rights and the school district's responsibilities under the law, it's advisable to seek out an attorney for a consultation if you have specific needs or issues.

Well, that's all for the introduction. We really hope you all will enjoy the blog, and not only find it useful and comprehensive, but also find encouragement from our stories and ideas!

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