Friday, June 5, 2009

Fast Fact Friday: Who is Required at IEP Team Meetings?

Under the law an IEP "team" is made up of one or both of the parents, at least one regular education teacher of your child if they are participating in a regular education setting, at least one special education teacher or provider, a representative of the district, someone who can interpret the instructional implication of any evaluations being reviewed and at the discretion of the Parents, other individuals who have knowledge or special expertise regarding the child, and if appropriate the child.

Example: If your child had more than one regular education teacher only one needs to be present at the meeting.

An IEP team member does not need to attend in whole or in part if the parent and the district agree that the attendance is not necessary because the member's area of curriculum or related services will not be modified or discussed in a meeting.

Example: If you're having a meeting to discuss OT services the SLP does not need to be there.

An IEP team member may be excused from attending the IEP meeting if the meeting involved modification or discussion of the member's area of the curriculum or related services if: (1) the parent and district consent to the excusal; and (2) the member submits in writing to the parent and IEP team, input into the development of the IEP prior to the meeting.

Example: If during the IEP meeting LAS services will be discussed the SLP does not have to attend if Parents consent to the excusal beforehand and the SLP submits her recommendations in writing before the meeting.

References: 20 U.S.C. section 1414(d)(1)(C)

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