Friday, July 24, 2015

Training for Special Education Advocates on Advocacy Skills!

Join Mandy Favaloro and Carrie Watts this coming Tuesday as they present a live webinar training for the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA)

The training will focus on enhancing the skills of special education advocates related to issue-spotting and case analysis.  This 75 minute webinar is offered as part of COPAA's "Parent Rights and Advocacy Strategies for IEP Meetings" Webinar Series.  The Series includes a variety of presentations related to the rights of parents of students with disabilities under the procedural safeguards of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and specific strategies for special education advocates and attorneys working to protect those rights.

Mandy and Carrie have presented a variety of trainings and presentations on topics related to special education law and advocacy in other webinars and live events.  They like to focus their trainings on how advocates can help to protect parents' right to meaningful participation in the IEP process, which is the cornerstone of the IDEA.  Parent participation is often thwarted by the failure of the school district to meet its procedural obligations and by decision-making on the part of districts that excludes parents from the process and ignores their inputs and concerns.  Special education advocates have an important role in helping parents make sure that their concerns and requests are clearly stated, and honing such skills as issue-spotting can help an advocate become more effective in their work.  A2Z's team believes in zealous advocacy on behalf of its clients, and we work within the community to help parents and advocates learn to become zealous advocates for all students with disabilities.  

Here is more information about the webinar:
S.5 Issue-Spotting for Advocates: An Overview of How to Analyze a Client's Case for Effective Advocacy
Tuesday, 7/28/15, 2:00-3:15 ET
Description: Because issue-spotting is closely tied with understanding laws and regulations, it may be assumed that it is a skill left only to attorneys. However, advocates must understand how to issue-spot in order to be effective in their advocacy. Advocates are charged with helping parents make informed decisions and with articulating their clients’ concerns and desires. By learning how to review data and documents - not just for facts and information about a student’s needs, but also for spotting potential issues that may exist - advocates will be better able to assist their clients with formulating sound positions for what they are seeking and to effectively communicate on behalf of their clients.
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For information about other trainings provided by the attorneys and advocates at A2Z, go to this link:

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